5 Tips on Crowdfunding Without a Social Media Presence

5 Tips on Crowdfunding Without a Social Media Presence

We all know that the major reason the global crowdfunding industry is thriving so visibly is thanks to the average internet user’s obsessive scrolling on social media. A worldwide report in 2015 proved that the average person has five social media accounts and spends nearly two hours sifting through them on a daily basis. This is where crowdfunding campaigners find the opportunity to promote their campaigns and find donors. Especially in the west where crowdfunding is a far more commonly known concept than in the east, social media users enjoy coming across “quirky” or “crazy” crowdfunding stories. For example, Zack Brown’s campaign to make potato salad drove Facebook and Twitter wild, raising US $55,000!

But in India, where poverty has majority of the population in its grasp and resources are scanty, the most neediest in the country that would benefit greatly from nonprofit and medical crowdfunding often do not have an active presence on any social media. These communities live in remote locations where they cannot afford to access quality medical care, educational facilities or even clean toilets. Nonprofits that exist in these locations strive to make a change, but often fail due to lack of resources. How will crowdfunding work for individuals and organizations in these areas?

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  1. Approach avid social media users you know. Before you give up on attempting promotional activities on social media, try getting help. Approach any social media user you may know. Tell them your fundraising story and ask them to help you spread the word on the internet.
  2. Get in touch with nonprofits in urban areas. It is common for nonprofits to stick together for the collective goal of making a difference. Most urban nonprofits may be willing to help out by promoting your crowdfunding campaign on their social media.
  3. Use emailers. Build a list of say, 50 or 100 emails to reach out to and create a pitch for your crowdfunding campaign. Make sure to send regular updates on your story and progress subsequently.
  4. Leverage SMS texting and make phone calls. One third of all surfing on the internet is done through mobile phones. Which means the average person spends a good chunk of his time staring at his phone screen. Send text messages with updates like you would with emailers, and personally approach potential donors via phone call.

Word of mouth is still effective. A medium that never dies, don’t underestimate the effect it could have on your story. Start with family and friends and ask them to note down the URL of your campaign and share it with their networks.

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