Wish to intrigue your inner-archeologist?

Wish to intrigue your inner-archeologist?

Head to Salzburg !

When people list Europe’s most beautiful cities regarding art, architecture, and setting, you will not see Salzburg in it. The capital of the province of the same name, Salzburg, in northwest Austria is a beautiful city set along both the banks of River Salzach, emerging from the Salzburg Alps into Untersberg. The town, globally famous for being the birthplace of the iconic musical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is a small neighborhood with a perfect blend of narrow medieval streets, arcaded courtyard and large squares of the residential area. But there’s more to Salzburg than just the musical fame. Salzburg is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, and its historical sights and magnificent attractions will enthrall you:

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Mentioned below is the list of some of the most famous historical sights of Salzar, that will tempt you to plan your next vacation to this beautiful city:

  • Mozart’s Birthplace:

Regarded as the Mecca for music lovers, Mozart’s Birthplace is at the heart of the Salzburg city and is one of the most visited museums in the world. Now a property of Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation, you can find answers to all your question on Mozart’s life, his passion for music Here on the exhibit, you will see first and early prints of selected works and the violin Mozart played, portraits, documents, autographs and much more significant associated artifacts. You can not afford to miss this place on your trip to Salzburg

  • Neugebäude:

Once regarded as one of the most ornate palaces of Europe,  Neugebauer Palace has now become a forgotten historical structure. Also referred to as New Castle, this place located in the in the south of Simmering, on the outskirts of Vienna. With the ambition to perfectly combine his artistic and scientific conception, Maximilian’s idealistic approach can be seen in the foundation of the palace. The construction that started in 1576, meant to be a leisure palace with ornate gardens, follies and a menagerie in the style of a suburban Italian villa, got completed in 1587.

  • St. Sebastian’s Church and Cemetery:

A 16th-century Catholic church built by the Austrian architect and stuccoist, Kassian Singer between 1749 and 1753, is world-renowned for its spooky and morbid artifacts. The cemetery attached to the church is the resting place of many merchants, soldiers, the scientist like the famous physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, occultist, and philosopher Theophrastus Paracelsus. If you find yourself intrigued by stories of death and horror, do visit this spine-chilling place.

Now that you know how variegated Salzburg with its rich history, pack your back and hop on to the next flight to this intriguing place. You can trust upon the Salzburg airport transfer service to pick you up as well drop you off safely to/from your accommodation, irrespective of the time in which your flight lands or gets delayed.

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