Why representing yourself in an Estate Planning court without a lawyer is a bad idea?

Why representing yourself in an Estate Planning court without a lawyer is a bad idea?

Come on! I am not fighting out a murder charge against myself. It’s just a property case against my brother. I have the documents to prove that I own the property. It’s not some complicated case. It won’t even last an hour! Why should I waste my money on an Attorney for nothing?

If this is what goes through your mind when you have an estate planning case to fight out then, you might be hugely underestimating your case. For starters, your case wouldn’t have even made it to the court if it was as simple as that. If this doesn’t sound good enough, read on to know more reason for why you should probably higher an estate planning lawyer from My Family Layer for your so-called ‘simple case’.

Reasons to get yourself a lawyer

  • It’s imperative to understand the rules and statutes of Estate Panning Law and know them thoroughly before fighting out a case. Even though these are easily accessible, they are lengthy and complex. Reading them alone would require an excessive amount of time which you might not have at your disposal.
  • Representing a case at a court requires numerous drafts and a lot of documents.  These need to be served to the opposing party and filed in the court prior to a hearing. You probably have no experience with that and are most likely to mess things up. Also, lawyers mostly tend to know judges better and have an understanding of how judges like the materials to be drafted.
  • You probably aren’t aware of all your rights. Lawyers definitely have even the most subtle of the information which you will never have. They can be the difference between your case being weak or strong.
  • If you believe that you can save on money by not hiring an estate planning lawyer then think again. People without lawyer often tend to lose more money than people with a lawyer because those who are unprepared or unsuccessful at trial often have to pay for a part of the other side’s cost. Further, you might end up with economic losses by losing the case.

Final Say

Legal Jargons are confusing and the law in itself is complicated. Your shallow understanding of the law and in turn your case can cost you more than you would save by not hiring a lawyer. Think before you act. You can always consult My Family Layer for a friendly consultation and to handle your case if required.

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