Various Industrial Safety Products and Other Protective Equipment

Various Industrial Safety Products and Other Protective Equipment

When operating a petrochemical industry, safety should always be considered paramount. Notably, there is a high probability of chemical spills which can cause unwarranted harm to employees and destruction of property. As such, it is advisable to visit a reputable industrial safety supply company where you will secure protective and containment equipment.

Undoubtedly, chemical and oil spills can prove hard to contain due to their viscosity. This is due to their molecular composition which makes it escape most containment attempts. As such, secondary spill containment equipment like containment berms and duck ponds which can be useful in preventing damage that can be caused by spills. These are very effective in the containment of potentially-hazardous spills since they are conveniently resistant to chemicals. Below are some of the safety products you should use in your industry to ensure employee and property safety.

  1. Degreasers and dispersants

Notably, oil spills are very dangerous and can cause huge financial liabilities to your company. However, there are environmentally safe secondary cleaning products which can be used to contain such spills. Notably,  these products should be placed under the prone equipment such as tanks and vehicles.

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  1. Absorbent pads

These rolls and pads are specially designed and engineered with material that selectively absorbs oil molecules while simultaneously repelling water molecules. They quickly soak up the blameworthy fluid and can even be reused.  It floats on water and can be used on hydrocarbon spills on water.

  1. Sorbent brooms

These are socks that contain the chemical polypropylene. They are used in the control of oil-based spills. The chemical infused in the brooms is hydrophobic. The brooms are convenient in that they can be used quite large amounts of spills since their volume of absorption rate per kg is quite high.

  1. Spill kits

Chemical and oil spill kits are used as emergency responses to spillages of hazardous materials and oil-based substances, respectively. These kits can be wheeled, and they contain the necessary sorbents to help the user contain the spill and reduce the damage.

  1. Personal protection safety equipment

To be safe from work-related injury, employees and other workers operating in a risky environment should be provided with protective gear such as earplugs, muffs, coveralls, various kinds of helmets, safety goggles and Hi-Viz apparel, including others.

All personal safety equipment should be designed to be both useful and comfortable to the user. Care should be taken that the equipment fits properly to avoid mishaps.

Industrial safety suppliers also offer other high-quality safety products that also help with accident avoidance, and while so doing also they do also aid in environmental conservation. Some of these products can be rented out to help the user with gas detection and ventilation, as well as fall protection gear.

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