Vacation Uncertainty, Why Not Try Out Lake Como?

Vacation Uncertainty, Why Not Try Out Lake Como?

Planning your next vacation but can’t decide on the spot? Then how about trying out something exotic and yet different? Try out Lake Como of Italy which is a hotbed of good food coupled with rich history. Worrying about where to stay there? Don’t worry about that as there are plenty of vacation rentals near Lake Como Italy.

Thinking about what exactly to do there? How about we start with some sightseeing:

  • Como Cathedral: History says that this cathedral took nearly four centuries to build and so that blend of 400 years of architecture, changing social structure and traditions is reflected therein.
  • Silk Museum: Today the museum extends over 1000 square meters but its seeds were sown in the 1960s when a transition in the textile industry began to be felt, but it was actually in the 1980s that the whole reorganization took place which ended up making the silk factories leave their premises altogether. This prompted people o gathered machinery and other materials to mark the period in history and to preserve the work of the silk industry for the future generations. So its exhibitions provide a reconstruction of the silk manufacturing process with an educational and historical aim. Visitors have the opportunity to learn all about the machines and work done.
  • Teatro Sociale: Constructed in 1813, this theatre was built on the site of a ruined medieval castle. There are six Corinthian columns which lift up the powerful façade and the inside is a mix of regal operatic atmosphere and a shared warm intimacy. The auditorium is cello shaped and is filled with plush velvet seats on the ground and illuminated with lamps which give out a golden hue on the cream interiors. There is a painting by Eleuterio Pagliano on the roof vault which is supposed to depict the muses descending down from Mt. Olympus to crown the performing artists. As you enter the theatre you will be transported back to an era where grandeur and elegance reigned free. But nonetheless, even at present, this theatre is the home to world-class opera and has even hosted wonderful performers like Giuditta Pasta, Francesco Tamagno, and Paganini.
  • Castello di Vezio: It is well known for its amazing falconry display (barn owls, falcons, owls, buzzards and more) as well as the pottery shop outside. The gravel paths of the castle are lined with thousands of beautiful flowers in spring. When you will reach the gate, you will be able to feast your eyes on an amazing view of Lake Como.

Now you will surely be hungry and tired after so much sightseeing, how about taking a break then. Here are some café’s which will delight your senses:

  • Cioccolandia di Oriana de Marco: This small stone walled café, filled with wooden interiors and small circular tables covered with scarlet clothes, is all about coffee so if you love this beverage then this place offers some of the most exquisite imaginative specialties and is certainly be a must visit place for you. It offers a Montezuma unique blend of espresso, high-quality chocolate, and cream. Apart from this, you can also try out their creamy Pistachio Espresso. They also have another special offer for their visitors- you will have your drinks made to your preference as well. So the handwritten menus, the refreshing coffee or the friendly staff members are sure to capture your heart with their rustic small world charm.
  • Le Specialita Lariane: While visiting Lake Como, one will get deeply acquainted with fishes since this place is fond of its seafood. This restaurant gets the freshest of the finest catches and that actually gets smoked in front of your eyes. This venue acts as a delicatessen during daytime and then transforms into a small restaurant serving up some fantastic food during the evening. Just a little detail and make sure to book this place in advance.
  • Pizzeria Bolognett Tremezzo: Visiting Italy and not having pizza is a shame. But you have an opportunity in here to correct your flaws with this pizzeria that even till now uses the wood oven to bake its title dish to perfection. They also roast fresh vegetables and fish so as to capture that simple and yet world-famous Italian home-cooking, made from the freshest and finest ingredients. Did we tell you about their terrace, they serve on- that’s also an attraction which deserves a special mention on its own?
  • Bar IL Molo: Enjoy the view of a lake from an outside terrace which is also fully equipped with air conditioning for the summer months so that even when it will be sweltering outside, you will be still able to enjoy a cool drink inside. So what is this place perfect for? Well for everything basically. You can enjoy lunch, dinner or even brunch in here to taste up something sweet, savory, hot pasta, bruschetta, salads and more, much more. The best part? It’s open till 1 at night so you will never miss out on a scrumptious meal.

What’s more to do you ask? Well, there’s the obvious activity to be done when you are visiting a lake- sailing. If you are into adventure sports and want some of that air in your hair then going sailing will be right up your alley.

So perhaps it’s time to pack up your bags and enjoy a vacation in the gorgeous surroundings of Lake Como.

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