Tips on How to Avoid a Foundation Issues

The lack of water, or too much of it, is the main cause of foundation problems. One of the most cost-effective ways of minimizing damage and avoiding foundation repair — which can be a costly affair — is keeping the moisture content in the surrounding area constant. Here’s a list of 5 easy, yet effective ways of maintaining a strong foundation for your home:

Have Proper Drainage Mechanisms

Surface drainage is fundamental to foundation integrity, ensure there is positive drainage away from the structure. Do away with anything that can trap water next to the foundation. For instance, flower beds are common in American homes. They improve the home’s curb effect. You have to be careful with them though, if you have one, ensure that its properly sloped to avoid water damming.

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Maintain Your Drainage Systems

Remember how we said that too much water can lead to foundation issues? Well, water should not be allowed to stand still close to the foundation. A properly working drainage system will keep water away from the foundation water as its designed to. If the drainage system is properly maintained and serviced, it will help stabilize the soil’s moisture content by removing unneeded water from the system.

Keep Your Foundation Sufficiently Watered

Maintaining a sturdy foundation and avoiding foundation issues successfully is a balancing act. You need a proper balance between the amount of water around your foundation structure. Too much of it will lead to major problems, and so does lack of it. Make a point of reducing watering during the dry seasons, especially the dry periods of summer.

Extreme drying of the soil around the foundation is a problem to the foundation. Add moisture to the soil to prevent shrinking that can negatively impact the structural integrity of your foundation. You could invest in a sprinkler system to make sure that the soil in the entire yard is watered and avoid issues with your foundation.

French Drains

You can use French drains to eliminate too much moisture in the soil close to the foundation. French sub-surface drains are a very effective moisture control system; they can remove the moisture that will eventually lead to the collapse of your foundation if left unattended. The installation of French drainage systems should be carried out by professionals who are highly trained, and the process should be conducted with extreme caution.

Proper Gutters

Proper installed gutters should move water away from the foundation. Therefore, having a good guttering system is imperative to maintaining the integrity of your foundation. The guttering system moves moisture from the roof and further away from the foundation. It carries away runoff water and discharges in a safer location, very beneficial for people who live in regions of highly expansive clay soil.

Repairing your home’s foundation can be a costly affair. You should try to avoid, it at all costs. Above are some of the things you can do to maintain the integrity of your home’s foundation and avoid trouble. Be proactive, but if it so happens that the integrity of your foundation is compromised, undertake immediate repair actions.

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