The types of residential lifts you need to buy

The types of residential lifts you need to buy

If you have an elderly in your home or someone who would have difficulty moving around the different floors, then residential lifts can help save the day for you. They are designed to bring comfort while improving the quality of life you are living. The thing with residential lifts is that you can just never decide on the kind you want promptly. There are so many things you will have to consider that make decision making tough.The most important of these is the type of residential lift you should get for your home.


These types of elevators come in a wide range of styles.

Hydraulic: These are the elevators that run on hydraulic systems. They need a separate housing space for installation and are often more expensive than the traction elevators.

Traction: These elevators run on the traditional design of weights and many counterweights. These are less expensive but also a little less reliable than the hydraulic lifts.

If your house is still undergoing construction, you can go with either one of these types. However, if you decide on the elevator after the house has been made then traction elevator will work for you since it is easy to adjust.

Elevator Lifts

This is another world that exists besides the traditional elevator designs. These lifts can be installed within the home to connect different areas to each other and often are used for spaces that have no more than three floors. Apart from connecting the different floors, they also help connect different corners of the house. The elevator lifts are not only less expensive but easy to install. One such type is the platform lift which runs from the outside of the house and thus needs to be accounted for while constructing the overall building. They seem to work perfectly when you want to bring mobility for the disabled and elderly but don’t have enough budget for this.

Cost factor

If you are thinking of the cost of installation and maintenance cost over a period of time then hydraulic lift tend to be most expensive followed by traction and then elevator lifts since they do not require additional construction for installation.


If this is the factor then what better reason to install an elevator to help the elderly stay connected with all the other members of the household without becoming dependent on either one of them. The elevator lifts ensure that the disabled and elderly can move around in a safe manner without risking any falls or injury as a result. If this is the case then apart from platform lifts, step lifts are something you need to consider as well.

When it comes to modern times, there are plenty of designs and ideas you can choose for your lifts. Make sure that you come to the right decision that will ensure the safety of your loved ones without coming off too heavily on your budget.

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