Taxi service to Rome: The best that You Can Get Now

Taxi service to Rome: The best that You Can Get Now

You want to move quickly from one point to another in Rome? You do not want to use public transport? Then just call a taxi. The list of 65 active taxi stops in Rome as well as information on taxi special services can be found it.

Information about taxi rates can be found.

The licensed by the municipality of Rome taxis are white and with a roof sign marked “taxi” provided. On the front doors they carry the symbol of the municipality of Rome and the identification number, which is also located inside the vehicle at the left back door. Other vehicles offering taxi services may not be registered and could charge significantly higher fares.

If possible, the taxi should always be taken directly at a taxi station or ordered by telephone. Taxi rides to the airport, train station and hospitals can be booked. As mentioned below, taxi calls via radio taxi are chargeable. The Rome airport taxi service is available now.

An automatic answering system (in Italian only) will prompt you to enter the number (of the district) you are in to dial the nearest taxi location.

The criteria for the new taxi fare are as follows:

  • Uniform progressive taxi fare for the entire urban area, calculated on the basis of the journey or the travel time required for the journey;
  • The tariffs are below the annual inflation index, which was calculated by the statistics office for the sector;
  • Reduction of the rate at night for single women, for trips to the hospital and for young people on Fridays and Saturdays after the disco, provided that there is a similar agreement with the operators of the premises.

The new tariff plan is structured as follows:

Basic Fee:

  • Basic fee at the start of the journey – weekdays (6:00 am – 10:00 pm) $ 3,00
  • basic charge at the start of the journey – on Sundays and public holidays (6:00 am – 10:00 pm) $ 4,50
  • basic charge at the start of the journey – night travel (10:00 pm – 6:00 am) $ 6,50

Tariff Benefits:

In the following cases, a 10% discount on the fare is calculated according to the taximeter:

  • for trips to a Roman hospital
  • for single women between 10 pm
  • 6 am – for young people on Fridays and Saturdays after the disco, if it exists a corresponding agreement with the operators of the premises.

Useful Tips

Please note at the beginning of the ride that the taximeter (located on the dashboard or above the rear window) is turned on; if this is not the case, ask the taxi driver to turn it on. Always ask for the issue of a receipt. The receipt should show the route, the identification number of the taxi, the amount paid and the driver’s signature.

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