Simplicity as the Absolute Interior Design Idea

Simplicity as the Absolute Interior Design Idea

Simplicity in interior design has nothing to do with simplistic ideas. It might overlap with the minimalist design, but it’s actually a way of living. It has to do with form & function, the right choice of colors in space, and the use of the existing structural elements. It all comes down to functionality.

Consider your wainscoted walls as the focal point

In spite of the differences in our home styles and architecture, we all want functional spaces. Take a wall, for example. It might be a structural feature or added as a partition later. It might be dressed with a shaker or not. It might conceal storage units or remain a simple divider. But in any case, it will be a focal point in any room.

Since walls are focal points, anything from wainscoting panels to coffered ceilings must be elegant enough to reflect form through simplicity. This will enable the room to focus on function from ceilings and walls. Seeking for home renovation toronto? Look no further than Model-Home Makeover to get the best home remodeling services.

The importance of symmetry in interior design

In order to enjoy each room at home, function must prevail. After all, each room serves a unique purpose. Clutter doesn’t help. Overstuffed rooms and over-decorated walls won’t help either. And then it’s about balance. What you need to feel nice in each room is harmony. That comes with symmetry. Think of a butterfly. Both sides are symmetrical. Not necessarily identical, but there is symmetry. That’s what you need at home. No perfection, but symmetry.

Any home design idea you adopt must not only reflect your personal style but also bring symmetry and thus harmony in space. It will be pleasing to the human eyes and thus soothing.With proper shaker or beadboard installation, you bring balance.

Think of the first rule in wainscoting installation. Ceiling height. The main concern is how up to bring the panel. And that has to do with the balance in the room. It has to do with the symmetry needed to split the wall at the exact point where it won’t bring the ceiling down but won’t make the room unfriendly either.

Simple vs. simplistic interior design ideas

Simple home décor ideas involve no complications. They are clear cut and straight forward. They entail some sophistication in the purest form and enable you to say more by portraying less. But they are not simplistic ideas. This would involve some artlessness, naivety, and perhaps sloppiness.

Simplicity and minimalism

Simplicity in interior decorating gets rid of the unnecessary and reveals everything that will make the room beautiful and stylish, but also functional. And although this is a similar approach to minimalism, it’s not exactly the same. You don’t have to sacrifice everything you keep in the living room for the sake of design. It’s all about finding smart solutions – storage solutions, and uncluttering the space from anything more. Take Apple design. The design is crisp lined to be slim and elegant, but without sacrificing functionality.

It’s simple. Simplicity will allow you to focus on the real purpose of each room and enjoy it more. Take the Japanese interior style for example. It’s stripped from overstuffed items that will occupy too much space in the room. It leaves gaps between furnishing to enable the space to breathe. And it keeps rooms from getting boring by adding texture with a nice selection of items. In the western culture, texture can be added with wall panel wainscoting or a nice ceiling design.

5 ways to keep simplicity at home

  • Focus on the room’s function and its balance by using the right size bead board, items, and trims.
  • Embrace the structural elements by using columns, doors, windows, and different floor levels to create a friendly, yet simple space.
  • Use natural materials. Don’t forget that simplicity is inspired by nature. Use wood wainscoting and trims, and paint the walls and ceiling neutral colors.
  • Speaking of painting, the colors you choose and their combination make a difference. You can use a tone of red here and yellow there, but prefer earthy tones.
  • Focus on lighting. Install the right recessed lighting but also try to bring more sunlight in either by enlarging the openings or hanging neutral colored curtains.

Simple spaces bring serenity and are functional when they contain what you need without making each item a focal point. The room doesn’t have to be empty to be simple. But it mustn’t be cluttered either. Why should you care about all that? Because simple spaces are calm environments, which are livable without being chaotic.

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