Most Common causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

Most Common causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

There are higher numbers of accidents of 18-wheelers compared to other accidents on the road. This is because they have massive size and there are some blind spots which can never be seen from driver’s place on 18-wheelers. So, let’s discuss why 18 wheeler accident is so frequent:

  • Schedule Expectations: There are competitions between companies. If your company makes a delivery in the shortest time, why can’t others? The truck drivers go unrealistic schedules to prove that they are the fastest. But sometimes this leads to fatigue to drivers who are on the wheels. This is a reason which causes truck drivers fall asleep while driving and then an accident is bound to happen.
  • Distracted Driving: Using cell phones or talking to family is a familiar Everyone when far away from family wants to talk to their family. There are instances that a truck driver wants to find a direction to where they are going to deliver. While they are on their mobile, they take their eye off the road and this many times leads to an accident. Anything which takes off a driver’s eye off the road is dangerous.
  • Traffic Violations: There is no scope for an 18-wheeler to violate the signals of the road. Sometimes when a driver of the trucks misses those signals, they can’t stop their vehicle in an instant, it takes some time. A massive 18-wheeler is missing a sign, and now you can imagine what that would cost.
  • Jackknifing: When the 18-wheeler pulled a brake, but the trailer of it isn’t at the same angle, and thus the motion of the container would be uncountable and cause an accident.
  • DUI: This is very common for 18-wheeler vehicle, driving under the influence, might be alcohol or drugs or whatsoever. They place other cars under serious threats when driving under the influence.

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