Looking After Your Car This Winter: Top Tips

Looking After Your Car This Winter: Top Tips

With freezing cold temperatures already upon us, it is vital that we all know how to look after our cars. With this in mind today we are going to providing some of the most leading winter can maintenance tips! Keep on reading to discover how to best look after your vehicle this winter:

Winter Car Maintenance Tips 

  • Get your car serviced if you haven’t done so in a while. Cold can cause and enhance a lot of car problems, and therefore it is vital that you ensure that your car is in best working order. Find a reputable car services and book in today before it is too late.
  • Ensure that your car battery is working properly – car batteries typically have a life of five years. If your car doesn’t start properly every time then there could be a problem and you should get a reputable mechanic to look into this for you.
  • Check all of your car hoses including your air hose for any signs of wear and tear, if these are not in top condition you should get them replaced as soon as possible so that you don’t face worse problems in the future.
  • Top up your engine coolant with antifreeze – This should be a half and half mix of water and antifreeze. If you fail to do this your engine could overheat and you could face an incredibly large repair bill.
  • Ensure that your tyres are in good condition – tyres are key to steering and breaking. During winter you tread depth should be 3mm, this will give you better grip whist out on the roads in slippery and icy conditions.
  • Give all of the lights on your car a very good clean and make sure that all of your bulbs are working. Don’t forget to check your full beam headlights, indicators and fog lights.
  • Make sure that you have a winter car breakdown kit in your car – This should include things like a shovel, a torch, a blanket, a hi-vis vest, screen wash, food and drink,, a scraper, a waterproof jacket and snow grips.

These are only some of the ways that you can prepare for winter too – There are many more available and should you wish to discover more we would advise that you either search the web or contact your local mechanic whom should be more than happy to assist and guide you.

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