Know About The Time Factor In Injury Lawsuits From Proficient Lawyer Blackburn &Green

Know About The Time Factor In Injury Lawsuits From Proficient Lawyer Blackburn &Green

Every personal injury lawyer including Blackburn & Green will prefer to settle a personal injury claim case informally through out of the court settlement process. This is done to provide you with faster results and the most desired financial respite from the spiraling medical expenses for your continual treatment for recovery. However, the exact time that such cases may take to get resolved cannot be forecast even by the most successful injury attorney. This is due to the fact that such time depends on several factors.

Time Factor Is Situational

Time taken to settle a personal injury case varies according to the situation and several other factors. The severity of the injury, availability of evidence to prove negligence, expert witness requirements if any all will add to the time clause. Moreover, if you as the plaintiff decline to receive the settlement amount offered in anticipation of receiving higher award through court room trials it will take even more time. Remember, court verdicts can be appealed by both parties not once but several times thereby prolonging matters even further. It is for this reason that most injury lawyers prefers and suggests settlement negotiation, arbitration or mediation rather than court room trials.

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The Time Taking Factors

There are several factors in a personal injury case that needs time and affects the outcome of the case if it is rushed. Type of medical treatment provided and Maximum Medical Improvement or MMI depends on the type of injuries sustained. A sprained neck will take less time to heal than a limb that needs to be amputated due to an injury. Claim investigation made by the insurance company is another aspect that takes time and depends largely on the required and available documents and reports. Investigations, collection of documents can take months even and MMI may even take years depending on the type of injury in question.

Communications And Legal Procedures

There are a lot of procedural rules to be followed by the injury lawyer along with several communications to be made. There are different statutes of limitations for injury lawsuits to file, demand letters to be sent and wait for a month or so for its ‘Answer’ from the defense or the insurance company and much more. If the case is moved on to court then time must be given for the Discovery process, Depositions and other legal process that may last for another six to twelve months.

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