Information Regarding Proper Wedding Planning

Information Regarding Proper Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a special time for everyone. It can also be a time of frustration and confusion. But the most amazing thing of all, is that it is a time to make arrangements that will be a part of a timeless memory. Nowadays newlyweds are planning more elaborate and interesting weddings. From them styled to destination weddings, planning the right venue for a wedding has now become a major process of nuptials. There are many venues available to newlyweds, depending upon what type of atmosphere you may want to create there are many choices. From chapels, banquet halls, country clubs, and even yachts; you can make your wedding an event to remember for everyone attending.

Traditional Venues

Traditionally weddings are held in chapels or churches, and then moved on to another location for the reception. But in this day and time, there is the option of having a wedding venue that is all inclusive. Some examples of a traditional all-inclusive wedding venue include:

  • Indoor Venues – Some all-inclusive venues are featured by hotels. Some hotels have chapels within, which makes it very easy for the wedding party to transition over to the banquet hall or ballroom located in the same hotel.
  • Outdoor Venues – Lately, some couples opt for a church or chapel wedding. In addition, these churches or chapels may have an outdoor area sectioned off for the reception. You can also have the wedding nuptials outdoors on the chapel/church grounds and move into the banquet area inside the grounds for the reception.
  • Country Clubs – A recent trend is having your wedding at the local country club. Here you get the best of both worlds; a place for your nuptials and beautiful grounds or banquet halls for your reception.

Theme Weddings

What has really become one of the top wedding venues ideas is a theme styled wedding. Theme weddings allow the couples to share that special characteristic, style, or interest with everyone attending the wedding party. Some theme styled weddings can be simple to extravagant, depending on how and what the couple wants to convey to their guests. Some examples of theme weddings include:

  • Sky Diving – Sounds odd, but it has been done. Couples fly thousands of feet above land and seal their wedding vows as they lunge forward into the future using a parachute.
  • Museums – How interesting it would be to have your nuptials in a museum. After saying, “I do,” you can then have hors d’oeuvres and wine served. Your guest can peruse the magnificent art work in the backdrop.
  • Conservatory or Botanical Garden – Forget purchasing flowers for your wedding, your whole venue is full of blooming beauty. A great venue for a wedding and a reception in one.
  • Boat or Yacht – Try gently floating on the seas or docked yacht or boat. What a great way to celebrate your nuptials with family and friends. Also, great photo opts with beautiful blue water and a gorgeous skyline.

These are just a few interesting themed options for wedding venues. Glamour has several more ideas to help you determine the best theme for your big day.

Destination Wedding Venues

Finally, is the now popular destination wedding venue. A little on the expensive side, but worth the expense. Couples have traveled across the globe to seal their wedding vows. From the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France to the waterfalls in Honolulu, HI; wedding parties have traveled to watch love ones become one. Brides helps with determining more exciting and inspirational wedding venues.

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