Handmade Rag Rugs: They Add a splash of colors to your decor

Handmade Rag Rugs: They Add a splash of colors to your decor

Maintaining aesthetics of your decor is very much important to keeping in mind the importance of a good comfort quotient of your living areas. Rugs and carpets are two major things that contribute to the overall look of your home and can be effectively be used to influence the aesthetics of your home. Carpets and rugs, besides providing a useful tool for the home decor, are majorly responsible to protect the flooring of your house and keep dust particles, at bay.

Handmade Rugs Are A Great Example Of Recycling

Besides this, don’t you think it would be cool to use recycled materials, instead of costly brand new items, to improve the decor of your house? This reminds me of a happy memory from my childhood. At the end of every season, my mom used to collect unusable or torn clothes and tear them into strands of fabrics. She would collect these strands and back during my childhood, I thought this to my mom’s weird hobby. It was not until later that I realized that the beautiful and colorful rugs, that I have been using for years now, were Rag Rugs that my made from those strands of fabrics torn away from used clothes! It was my first real encounter with recycling and the resulting rag rugs were quite enticing. Rag rugs are available on many online stores. Buy online handmade rag rugs and introduce a splash of colors to your home decor. Let us understand what are Rag Rugs.

Rag Rugs and their adaptability?

Mentioned above is just an example of rag rugs. By definition, rag rugs are made by small strips of fabrics onto a base material. They are hand-woven and are bound to last longer as compared to other kinds of rugs. If we talk about rugs in general, they are mainly used to protect carpets. Besides this, they can be used in-sync with carpets to enhance the decor of your house and make it more lively.

To keep it clear, commercial rag rugs are not made up of used clothes. One of the most interesting parts of Handmade rag rugs is – the combination of colors used. Rag rugs are very much rich in design and colors. They are hand-woven. This ensures improved quality and durability of rag rug. Besides this, as the rugs at my home, every rag rug has a story to tell.

To Sum It Up

Rag rugs come in varying combination of colors, different shapes, sizes, and designs. This makes them quite easy to be placed at a spot because they blend in at any spot they are kept at. For example, a rag rug can go perfectly well with your casual home setting, as well as, a color-restricted formal home setting. Buy online handmade rag rugs and add a colorful joy to the overall vibe of your house.

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