Essential Accessories Needed for Pallet Racking

Essential Accessories Needed for Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is an incredibly efficient storage system to utilise in your warehouse. There are various accessories and spares that you can invest in to help make pallet racking safer and more efficient. In the following post we will look at some of the most important.

Sack Signs and Labels

Clear and straight forward labelling systems can really help to ensure that your warehouse runs smoothly. There are racking labels that can be tailor-made and installed by specialists if needed. Ensuring your racking system is clearly identifiable takes any guesswork out of your forklift drivers’ work.

Anti-Collapse Mesh

Used on single entry pallet racks, anti-collapse mesh is there to provide additional protection against falling objects. It’s normally fitted to racks that have loading bays or walkways to reduce the chance of injury if any loose items or pallets fall down from racking. You can get safety accessories at

Load Signs for Racking

No pallet racking system should really be without signs that indicate the maximum load capacity of the racks. If you and your staff as a whole or just one individual member do not know the maximum load capacity of your racking system, then you are in serious danger. You need to ensure that your pallet racking can handle the 1-ton pallets you are loading on to it 5 or 6 metres in the air. Use load signs at the end of each individual rack so that forklift drivers and other employees know exactly the load size the racking can take and what it can’t.

Support Bars

Support bars are used on pallet racking systems where there are extra-heavy pallets stored, where there are non-standard pallet sizes used and where there are sagging or weak pallets. They provide support by spanning across the full depth of the racking frame and slot into beams that are already there, sitting almost completely flush with the top of the beams.

Column Guards

Column guards can be used in your pallet racking system to help provide protection from forklift drivers to the uprights. Without them, it’s incredibly easy for your forklift drivers to cause considerable damage to the uprights of your racking system.

Beam Safety Locks

Many warehouse owners and businesses underestimate how effective and useful beam safety locks can be to ensuring that their racking system is safe. However, when used properly, they can stop beams from accidentally dislodging and in turn stop pallet loads falling from your racking. When these safety locks are not in place, beams can become dislodged or even damaged by the forklift driver. Therefore, you will find that SEMA guidelines outline that 2 beam locks per beam are necessary, as do most manufacturers.

Rack Safety Barriers and End Protection

Safety barriers for racking systems have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and with good reason. End protection barriers can be used to provide protection for your racking storage system at the end of the aisles in your warehouse. This form of protective measure is especially useful when you have pallets that are pushed right up to the end frames of your racking.

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