Debunking 4 Myths About Solar Panels

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With different efforts to save the environment, people in Brisbane are looking for alternative energy sources. One solution is solar panels. These allow people to generate their own electricity. However, there are people who avoid getting these systems because of the different myths surrounding it. Here are some misconceptions and facts about these panels:

Return on Investment Takes Too Long

Whilst these are marketed as a way to save on electricity costs, people hesitate to switch to solar systems because of the myth that you will see results only after 20 or more years. However, the truth is that it enables homeowners to save on energy costs whilst also giving them financial incentives. The higher the amount of electricity your system can generate, the sooner you can see results.

They are High-Maintenance

Because of the advanced technology these systems use, a lot of people think that these require intensive maintenance procedures. However, keep in mind that this technology generates electricity by being exposed to the elements, particularly sunlight. Because of this, they are built to withstand heat, cold, water and wind. These only require simple cleanings as regular maintenance.

It Has No Effect in Market Value

Some sceptics think that these cannot be considered a valuable home improvement because it does not affect your house’ market value. In fact, some think that these increase property taxes. On the contrary, solar panels increase your property’s market value due to its contribution to electricity generation and environmental conservation.

Full Grid Independence is Required

Another misconception about these panels is that homes need to be fully rewired in order to accommodate a solar system. Keep in mind that homeowners can avail these energy sources whilst still being connected to the conventional electricity grid.

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