Benefits of Virtual Meetings for Businesses

Benefits of Virtual Meetings for Businesses

Virtual Meetings are increasingly becoming a popular form of communication in businesses across the world and is replacing face to face meetings due to the emergence of various online meeting applications available in the market.

Often businesses take decisions regarding virtual meetings vs face to face meeting on basis of various factors, such as cost involved in arranging the meeting, travelling cost and time involved in travelling to place of meeting, convenience etc.

Some of the benefits of virtual meetings are as mentioned below.

  • While comparing face to face meetings vs virtual meetings, online meetings are much more cost effective due to elimination of cost involved in organising a meeting and travelling to a place of meeting. These saved cost may include not limited to travelling and conveyance, boarding and lodging expenses, renting venue for meeting, expenses for refreshments during a meeting etc.
  • While debating virtual meeting vs face to face meeting, online meetings provide convenience to the host and all attendees as they can attend the meeting from any place convenient to them i.e. their office, homes, a café or any other location suitable to the participant.
  • A wide array on information can be shared during online meetings such as text, photos, videos etc and online meetings can be recorded for future reference.
  • Online meetings can accommodate countless persons unlike in the case of face to face meetings which might have limitations such as restrictions in space to accommodating attendees, inability to travel to venue of meeting due to geographic distance and scheduling reasons etc.
  • In an competition between virtual meetings vs face to face meeting, online meetings can increase productivity and efficiency due to many features of online meetings platforms allowing direct upload of PowerPoint presentations, file sharing etc.
  • With real time audio and video feeds and real time communication, can help create an illusion of being in the same room where host and attendees can hear and see each other’s expressions, body language etc.
  • Whiteboard, polls, surveys feature etc of various online meetings platforms makes meetings more interactive.
  • Online meetings are eco-friendly in nature as they reduce carbon footprint and emissions released in the environment on account of multiple people travelling to a venue of meeting, reduces usage of paper etc.

Online meetings are a clear winner between the debate of virtual meetings vs face to face meeting with platforms like ezTalks Webinar providing enabling businesses to communicate with their employees, off-site team members, vendors, clients and other stakeholders effectively in a cost effective and time saving manner.

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