Basics of solar power and storage of solar energy

Basics of solar power and storage of solar energy

Energy requirement is increasing day by day and hence consumption is also increasing. We are consuming the scarce energy recourses and that is the reason why we are facing the energy crisis. If someone asks you a question that – do you enjoy uninterrupted power supply at your place then the probable answer could be – yes! Due to the scarcity of natural resources to produce the energy, the whole world is facing this trouble. But still there is one option left and that is solar energy that we have got abundantly. We simply need to install solar energy storage systems to consume it for different purposes.  

Essential components for a solar storage system

Following components are required to fix a solar storage system-

  • Solar batteries
  • Power inverter
  • Electrical box
  • Cut off switches
  • Collector and Fuses
  • Wires

For a solar battery, lithium ion solar battery is in trend these days. The reason is that it possesses a quality to store maximum energy. In addition to it, these solar batteries are completely environment-friendly. Such batteries are very companionable with inverter and charge controllers. Solar lithium battery bank consists of even a single battery or more connected to each other through a wire and further these batteries are connected with charge controller and wires in the collector box.

Proper wiring is a very crucial part for proper installation of the energy storage system. It must be of specific size and type, and then only the complete connection will work properly. Improper connection or unmatched wiring can even cause fire and could be very dangerous hence one should be very conscious. An overcurrent protection system is extremely mandatory to protect you as well as all the components of the solar energy storage.

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