5 Reasons to Choose Adiabatic Coolers over Evaporative Cooling Towers

5 Reasons to Choose Adiabatic Coolers over Evaporative Cooling Towers

What is an adiabatic cooler and how does it work?

Sometimes known as a liquid cooler rather than a dry one, the relatively cost-effective

adiabatic coolers make use of a fine mist at the cooler’s air inlet which reduces the air temperature as it passes over the heat exchange coil thereby decreasing the amount of heat needing to be absorbed. Although called an adiabatic cooler it, in fact, acts as a standard dry air blast cooler for around 95 per cent of the year when the ambient temperature is low enough not to need the cooling effect of the fine mist at the inlet.

Five reasons why you should choose adiabatic coolers

No local authority registration needed

  • No local authority registration needed A good reason you should choose an adiabatic cooling system is that, unlike the registration demanded by local authorities for evaporative cooling systems, no such registration is required for adiabatic cooling systems saving much time and hassle.

Lower operating costs

  • Lower operating costs Another very good reason concerns operating costs. As less water is needed with evaporative coolers this, together with the fact that no chemical water treatment is needed (see bullet point below), the operating costs are significantly lower with adiabatic cooling systems.

Minimal maintenance

  • Minimal maintenance A third attractive feature is the minimal maintenance needed for adiabatic coolers compared to evaporative coolers reducing the time and cost when any sort of maintenance needs to be carried out.

No chemical water treatment

  • No chemical water treatment is used as adiabatic cooling systemsuse a sealed cooling system (see below) no water contamination should occur making any chemical water treatment unnecessary. This saves on costs as well as having the advantage of not having to store dangerous chemicals.

Sealed cooling system

  • Sealed cooling system Unlike evaporative coolers, adiabatic cooling systems make use of a sealed cooling system which should prevent contamination from outside. It also avoids any need for water treatment with chemicals that are potentially harmful to store so lessening the cost.

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