3 Surefire Signs That Your Mitsubishi Tires Baltimore Require Prompt Replacement

3 Surefire Signs That Your Mitsubishi Tires Baltimore Require Prompt Replacement

With your tires being the only thing actually touching the ground while you drive, their condition directly influences the safety and performance of your vehicle. You can ensure your vehicle maintains its excellent safety and performance ratings by closely monitoring the age and condition of your tires. Upon noticing sign of a problem, move forward with the prompt replacement of your Mitsubishi tires Baltimore to keep your vehicle performing at its limits. Here are three surefire signs that your tires are in need of prompt replacement.

Advanced Tire Age

Even tires in great condition can experience a loss in their performance rating upon reaching an advanced age. You can read the age of your tire by locating the DOT tire identification number on the sidewall. The date of manufacture will be listed right next to this DOT number. If your tires were manufactured 10 years prior or more, you should head in to have a new set installed by your dealership technician.

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Sidewall Damage

Although tire technicians can repair damage to the tread area of your tires, the pressure at the inner and outer surfaces prevents similar repairs to the sidewall. Therefore, if you notice any damage to the sidewall, including bubbling, gouges or punctures, you will need to have your tires replaced with new ones. Your technician will evaluate the condition of your tires to confirm that the damage is not repairable before you commit to the tire replacement process.

Shallow and Worn Tread Blocks

Your tire’s tread block depth must remain in a safe range to maximize the performance and safety of your vehicle. If the tread blocks are worn past this range, your tires could fail to grip the road during heavy braking, accelerating and cornering situations.

You can verify your tread depth with a purpose-built gauge. If your tires have less than 2/32nds of tread left, you will need replacement. You can also measure the tread depth with a penny by placing it between the tread blocks with Lincoln’s head facing downward. If you can clearly see the top of Lincoln’s head poking out above the tread blocks, you are in need of tire replacement.

If you notice metal cords showing through the rubber while checking your tire age, condition or tread depth, your tires are definitely beyond repair. You can pick up a new set of Mitsubishi tires Baltimore to rectify this problem and restore your vehicle’s performance and safety characteristics.

Obtaining Replacement for Your Old or Worn Mitsubishi Tire Baltimore

Upon noticing that your tires are in dire need of replacement, you can come down to the dealership to discuss your need for new Mitsubishi tires Baltimore. Your service technicians will confirm your need for tires and discuss the best set to purchase for your vehicle.

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